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50, 75, 250, 490 ml

Acrilove Adhesive products

Acrilove Adhesive represents a revolutionary solution, providing visually imperceptible seams for a variety of projects, from kitchen countertops to bathrooms.


Acrilove Adhesive is the perfect solution for working with a wide range of Solid Surface materials, such as Corian®, Swanstone, Staron, Krion, and Hanex.


Ensuring not only visually imperceptible seams but also exceptional strength and durability of connections.

Advantages of Acrilove Adhesive

- Perfect Color Match: Acrilove Adhesive offers an extensive color palette, perfectly matching any Solid Surface shade, including solid colors, fine and coarse chip fractions, as well as marble imitations.

- Strength and Durability: Our adhesive not only ensures visually imperceptible seams but also guarantees their strength and durability, which is critically important for quality products.

-  Ease of Use: Acrilove is designed to facilitate the application process, ensuring smooth and comfortable glue distribution.

-  Eco-Friendliness: Acrilove adhesive is made with safe components, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


What are the advantages?

- The process of color matching Acrilove Adhesive and its use in Solid Surface bonding contributes to creating products with perfectly imperceptible seams.


- Using Acrilove's color matching charts, processors can easily select the ideal adhesive shade for any project.

- Choosing Acrilove Adhesive for your Solid Surface projects is a choice for quality, strength, and aesthetics. Overcome the limitations of traditional bonding materials with Acrilove Adhesive.

Overcome the limitations of traditional bonding materials with Acrilove Adhesive.

Thixotropic adhesive
50, 75, 250, 490 ml

Acrilove Adhesive products

Thixotropy is the unique property of a liquid to become more viscous without mechanical actionIn other words: a calm thixotropic liquid is more viscous, it retains its shape, does not spread and does not flow off.


However, as soon as it is shaken or stirred, it becomes liquid, like ordinary water.This is due to temporary bonds that form between the molecules of the solid phase dissolved in the thixotropic liquid.


Such bonds are formed in a calm state and the liquid becomes more viscous; when shaken, they are destroyed and the liquid becomes like ordinary water again.

Why is this useful?

- A drop or strip of thixotropic adhesive keeps its shape and does not spread on the surface

- Thixotropic adhesive does not leak from the surface and does not flow into cracks and crevices.

-  Thixotropic adhesive can be applied to walls and ceilings

-  Thixotropic adhesive no longer flows out of the tube after you have squeezed it out.

- You can easily adjust the desired viscosity of the adhesive: Shake it to make it more fluid; leave it still for a while to make it more viscous.

What are the advantages?

- More precise glue application - apply exactly as much as is needed for bonding, and in the right


- More economical application - the glue does not spread, does not flow into cracks and joints.

- Easier application – thixotropic glue can be squeezed out with less force.

- More accurate bonding - leaves no stains or smudges.

- The only solution for vertical surfaces and ceilings - it sticks, does not flow down and does not spread.

The result: thixotropic adhesive makes your work easier, faster and more efficient.

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