Glue application instructions

1. Preparation

  • Wear safety glasses and gloves before starting and at all times during work.

  • Make sure that the adhesive's color matches the color of the surface (use the Acrilove matching chart). If necessary, make  a trial gluing using a scrap sheet.

  • Clean the glueing area from dust, degrease parts joints properly, prepare clamps and auxiliary tools.

  • Insert the cartridge into the applicator in accordance with the applicator’s instructions manual.

  • Remove the protective cap by turning it by a quarter turn and then pulling it off the cartridge. Inspect the cartridge, make sure it is clean, if necessary clean it from any possible contamination.

  • Move the applicator plunger close to the cartridge pistons and make one or two trial presses on the applicator lever.

  • After making sure that the adhesive and the hardener come evenly from both nozzles, put a static mixer onto the cartridge and wrap it in a quarter turn. (In order to remove the mixer, repeat the steps in the reverse order).

  • Gently press at the applicator’s lever in order to squeeze out a little of the adhesive. The adhesive is now ready to use.

2. Applying the adhesive

  • Apply the adhesive with an even roller in order for when compressing the surfaces are glued together, a slight squeeze-out of the excess glue will occur.

  • In invisible places, and where there are no increased demand for the cleanliness of the joint, leave an excess of the adhesive to add an extra strength to the seam.

  • It is necessary to assemble and compress the glued surfaces no later than 10 minutes after applying the adhesive.

  • When working, avoid over-tightening the clamps, as this can weaken the strength of the glueing se am.

3. Completing the work.

  • After completing the work, remove the static cartridge mixer and put the protective cap back on.

  • Store the cartridge with the adhesive in a dark, cool place until the next use.

  • Empty cartridges and used static mixers must be disposed according your country regulations.